oa South African Journal of Agricultural Science - Rearing Heliothis armigera H?bn. and Prodenia litura F. on an altificial diet.

Volume 9, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 0585-8860



The bollworm Heliothis armigeraRiibn., and the leaf cutter Prodenia Iitura F. can be reared on an aseptic artificial diet very similar to that previously descriptionbed by the author, for Plusia acuta Walker, Spodoptera exigua Rb., S. exempta Walk. and S. cilium Geun. The diet is made up of readily available food products and chemical substances including: wheatgerm, yeast, casein, cholesterol, choline, inositol, cysteine and ascorbic acid. Its preparation is simple. Insects reared on this artificial medium appear in general to be above average size and compare favourably in all respects with field collected material.

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