oa South African Journal of Agricultural Science - A hematological study of the Black Australorp in relation to certain economic characteristics. I. Blood glucose.

Volume 9, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 0585-8860



The blood glucose level of Black Australorp embryos increases from lO-day old to 21-day old at a rate of 224 mg/IOO ml of blood daily; and 21-day old embryos give lower glucose values than chicks of the same age. From 3 to 84 days of age blood glucose rises at a rate of 2 0 mg/l00 mI of blood per week in both sexes and adult values are reached at 84 days of age. Between 87 and 227 days of age and in the adult stage mean glucose levels are not correlated with age, however, a significant correlation existing between glucose level and age at sexual maturity. Non-laying and laying pullets do not differ in their glucose level. No significant correlation exists between glucose level and fertility, hatchability and rate of egg production. Body weight and glucose level are significantly and positively correlated in females, but not in males. The body weight of the progeny decreases with increasing glucose level of their dams. Fasting fowls have a lower blood glucose level than non-fasting birds. On the average, adult females have 221 mg glucose/l00 ml of blood more than males.

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