oa South African Journal of Agricultural Science - Ovariole number in the brown locust [Locustana pardalina (Walker)] in relation to the environment.

Volume 9, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 0585-8860



Solitary phase brown locust females were collected from each of four successive generations from each of five fixed sampling areas in the southern and south eastern parts of the outbreak region. Ovariole numbers of females varied from 53 to 74. Mean ovariole numbers of the different populations varied between 604 and 664. Some indication was found of a positive correlation between changes in plant conditions and fluctuations in mean ovariole numbers between successive generations from a given sampling area. The difference in mean ovariole numbers between contemporaneous populations from the different sampling areas, however, seems to have a heleditary basis. The possibility that two populations, as little as 10 miles apart, may differ from each other is strong evidence for the extremely sedentary behaviour of solitary brown locusts.

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