oa South African Journal of Agricultural Science - The yellow dung-fly, Scatophaga stercoraria (L.) (Diptera: Cordyluridae) as a predator of the lucerne springtail, Sminthurus viridis (L.).

Volume 9, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 0585-8860



The lucerne springtail (Sminthuru.r viridis), a collembole of palaearctic origin, has achieved considerable importance as a pest oflucerne and dover pastures in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. During the course of recent field experiments at Stellenbosch and Caledon on the control of this pest, the yellow dung-fly (Scatophaga stercoraria) was observed by Mr. E. P. Vol schenk, a technician of this college, to prey on S. viridis, vast numbers of the fly congregating on the control plots where the pest population density was high. On one such control plot at Caledon a total of 108 flies was caught in ten 1800 sweeps through the foliage with a standard insect net on 20 August 1965. The largest number caught in a single sweep was 23.

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