n Southern African Public Law - Zimbabwe's 'look East' policy : a socio-legal perspective

Volume 30, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 2219-6412


The studies of the relations between China and Zimbabwe, as with other studies of Chinese relations with African states, have focused largely on the socio-economic and political aspects thereof. There has not been a discussion on the socio-legal perspectives of the relationship. The point of departure is that any relations between China and Zimbabwe must be legally sustainable. The socio-economic consequences of the relations are identified and analysed from a legal perspective, which leads to the conclusion that the 'look East' policy adopted by the Zimbabwean government as a way to counter sanctions imposed by the West is an intermestic policy. Based on national and international laws or standards of conduct expected of states, the Zimbabwean governmentâ??s failure to protect industries, the environment, labour rights and the trade in armaments at critical moments indicates an abdication of its duties.

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