n Journal for Semitics - Faking a translation. A corpus-based translation analysis of and

Volume 13 Number 1
  • ISSN : 1013-8471


(1898) is analysed within the framework of corpus-based translation studies. The pseudo-translations (embedded text) are compared to the rest of the narrative text of the as well as to S J du Toit's (1889-1911). It goes to show that creates an identity for Afrikaans as a cultural language. This narrative is spatially and chronologically remote from contemporary South Africa. By utilising foreign and ancient culture in Du Toit proves that it is possible to write in Afrikaans on any topic no matter how far removed from the common colloquial language. The biblical connection is momentous. This affords Du Toit the opportunity to involve the world of the Bible without infringing on the church-imposed ban on the use of the Afrikaans language for Bible translation and in sermons.

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