n Journal for Semitics - The Qur'ãn in English - an analysis in descriptive transaltion studies

Volume 15 Number 2
  • ISSN : 1013-8471


The Qur'ãn has been translated into most of the languages of Europe and Asia and many African languages. Christian missionaries have been the most active non-Muslim translators of the Qur'ãn. The first English translation done directIy from the Arabic was by George Sale and published in 1734. Beginning with the work of the Cambridge Arabist Palmer, a more academically rigorous approach develops towards the translation of the Qur'ãn. There have been more than 30 translations of the Qur'ãn into English by Muslims, the first appearing in the 1860s, the most popular is of which is by 'Abdullah Yusuf ' Ali. This paper descriptionbes the nature of a selection of the translations of the Qur'ãn into English according to the model of Lambert and Van Gorp (1985). The findings are compared to the nature of Bible translation and the prevalent norms and conventions are determined. These data are contextualized according to Robinson's view of the dimensions of the translation of sacred texts.

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