n Journal for Semitics - Challenging the female emodiment : wisdom, law and the text

Volume 15 Number 2
  • ISSN : 1013-8471


This volume constitutes an exploratory, and therefore of necessity cursory, overview of major issues of interchange and divergence in the consideration of the construction of female identity through embodiment. Scholars represented in this volume approach the topic by means of a range of perspectives and with an array of methods. The endeavour is to both render visible those hidden or marginalized experiences of the "other" and the "self", and to expose, and hence to problematize, the pervasive assumption of male normativity. Thus each contribution represents a convergence in positing that women experience their identity not only as women but as religious practitioners beyond qua male experience. Thus demonstrating that the reality of embodiment of women's lives were often far removed from patriarchal conceived literary representation.

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