n Journal for Semitics - Was Targum Onqelos compiled for use in the ?

Volume 16 Number 1
  • ISSN : 1013-8471


Some scholars specifically link to the academies. The fact that is written in the literary Aramaic dialect compounds this conjecture. Additional indications are the official status it had in the Babylonian schools, and that its had to correspond with the current stance of rabbinic thought already early in the post-Temple period. Furthermore, intentionally renders a literal translation, while the renditions and are more periphrastic in their approach. In view of the fact that both and were used during the same period as , it becomes pertinent to ask what the specific purpose(s) for diverse targumic renditions was. To suggest that was solely compiled to provide an authoritative translation for Jews as a safeguard to Christian interpretations of Scripture, which were based on the Septuagint (LXX), is an oversimplification. The paper argues that the official status, the impetus and literal translation of may be attributed to the purpose it served in the context of the .

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