n Journal for Semitics - The political influence of queen mothers on Judean kings in Jeremiah's time

Volume 17, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1013-8471


This paper presents a socio-historical analysis of the significant role played by queen mothers in Judean politics and public life. This paper is confined to the period of Jeremiah's ministry from the time of king Josiah to king Zedekiah. This will be done in the following six stages. First, it examines the worship of the Queen of Heaven. Second, the role of the queen mother in the cult of the Queen of Heaven is explored. Third, it discusses the position of queen mother within Judean leadership (religious and political responsibilities). Fourth, the role of queen mothers as distinctive from that of the Judean kings is analysed. And, finally, the significance of a socio-historical analysis of queen mothers for our context today (specifically Congolese) is spelt out.

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