n Journal for Semitics - From Gilgal to Bochim : the narrative significance of the Angel of Yahweh in Judges 2:1

Volume 18, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1013-8471


Although the compositional history of Judges 1 and 2 has been the subject of much investigation, the narrative role of Judges 2:1-5 has not been fully appreciated. The purpose of this paper is to examine one element of Judges 2:1-5, namely, the appearance of the angel of Yahweh, his identity and his narrative significance. This study argues that the visit of the angel accentuates the contrast between the victories of Joshua and the failures of Judges 1, connects the Judges narrative to the Exodus tradition, and serves as a harbinger of the conflict that is to follow in the book of Judges.

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