n Journal for Semitics - A correlated reading between a from Genesis Rabbah and a targumic rendering from Neofiti I

Volume 19, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1013-8471


Heineman (1971) connected the early or sermon with the customary Torah reading in the ancient synagogue service during the age of formative Judaism. This paper follows Heinemann's approach in the correlated reading of א from Genesis Rabbah and Targum Neofiti's rendering of Genesis 1 on the argument that Genesis Rabbah and Neofiti 1 are contemporary documents. The correlated reading demonstrates how an early sermon uses the techniques of rhetoric and midrash exegesis to link to Targum with the use of repetitive, fixed interpolations or rabbinic stock phrases. Furthermore, a note from the Masorah parva reveals how sages retained religious Hebrew idioms in Targum to transmit principles of rabbinic theology to their audience in the ancient synagogue service.

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