n Journal for Semitics - The Septuagint : the origin debate revisited

Volume 20, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1013-8471


The debate as to the origin and purpose for the production of a reliable Greek version of the Hebrew Scriptures has been extensively researched. In an article by Gilles Dorival (2008), 'New Light about the Origins of the Septuagint' in which he succinctly summarizes and compares the leading theories it can be clearly seen that this area of Septuagint remains controversial and is subject to debate and further study. This paper wishes to add to this debate by proposing that the LXX arose mainly as a result of Jewish communal needs to have a reliable scriptural document due to the growing size and influence of the Jewish community in Alexandria. It will also examine some practical issues regarding the complicated nature and onerous task of translating the Pentateuchal books into Greek. This paper proposes that the translation should be viewed from the perspective of a project and by applying basic a project management approach, it appears that the translation process may have taken longer than has been traditionally accepted.

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