n Journal for Semitics - Another look at the function of מַשָֺּׂא in prophetic literature

Volume 24, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1013-8471


In this article some of the previous considerations on the meaning and function of מַשָֺּׂא in the prophetic literature of the Hebrew Bible are critically considered. The function of מַשָֺּׂא is then reviewed by systematically analysing its use in various textual contexts throughout the Hebrew Bible to identify how this term was applied in popular speech, literature, and translation. An attempt is made to categorise מַשָֺּׂא into specific semantic domains in order to determine how the various ways in which מַשָֺּׂא is used in prophetic literature compare with each other. It is suggested that the מַשָֺּׂא-label not only came to be used as an emphatic marker but also functioned as a literary device, more specifically a mnemonic bridge, to bind -prophecies together intertextually to form a virtual corpus.

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