oa Journal for Semitics - Die rol van Egipte, Kus en Seba in Jesaja 43:3 en 45:14

Volume 4, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1013-8471



Although the nations, for example the gwym (""nations""), l 'mym (""people""), 'yym (""islands"") and names such as ""Babylon"" and ""Chaldeans"", are very prominent in Deutero-Isaiah, the combination of the names ""Egypt"", ""Cush"" and ""Seba"" occurs only twice, namely in Isaiah 43:3 and 45:14. For these specific nations Deutero-Isaiah had a special role in mind, although there is a slight difference in the way that these names are applied in these two cases. On both occasions the names refer to the tradition that they represent of wealth, splendour and honour. In Isaiah 43:3 this tradition is used to emphasize the worth and splendour of Israel in God's mind, and in Isaiah 45:14 it is applied mainly to stress the glory of God in the eyes of the world.

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