n Journal of Northwest Semitic Languages - Job 18:11b : a conceptualisation of the emotion of fear?

Volume 28, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0259-0131


Job 18:11b has always been a crux interpretum, especially the meaning assigned to the difficult Hiphil of the root פוץ which is conventionally translated as "pursue, disperse". Proposals to solve the obscure passage are reviewed and in the light of parallels gathered with regard to the experiencing of the emotion of fear, the suggestion is made that פוץ should rather be related to the basic meaning of פוץ "overflow". Hence the phrase is to be translated: "and compel him to overflow (פוץ = to make water) over his feet". This suggestion was already made one hundred years ago by Ehrlich, but it has not yet been accepted by scholars.

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