n Journal of Northwest Semitic Languages - Appearing in Zion : the role of Zion in Psalm 84 : from a linguistic point of view

Volume 29, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0259-0131


Psalm 84 has traditionally been regarded as one of the Songs of Zion. This has led to a significant influence of other Songs of Zion in understanding Zion's role in Psalm 84. In this contribution Psalm 84 itself is taken as the point of departure for a linguistic treatment of the text. A detailed discussion of Psalm 84 is followed by a comparison with other texts. A relationship is found between Psalms 65 and 84, extending up to the level of participants. In both Psalms three groups of participants occur, all connected with Zion as a place of blessing. The specific role of Zion in Psalm 84 is related to Yhwh's appearance (verse 8) and to his altars (verse 4). These elements point to Zion's double duty: there humans make offerings to Yhwh and Yhwh appears to them.

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