n Servamus Community-based Safety and Security Magazine - Taxi (minibus industry) violence in South Africa

Volume 109, Issue 10
  • ISSN : 1015-2385


South Africa's taxi industry has a history that is closely linked to the history of the apartheid era, as it was introduced in the early 1960s when black African people in particular had very limited legal access to these kinds of business opportunities. Later on, prospective minibus taxi workers found a loophole in the Road Transportation Act of 1977 which allowed them to apply for a road carrier permit and operate legally within the country. In 1987, the taxi industry, known for its minibus taxis (excluding conventional metered taxis), secured for itself a permanent place in the transport sector of the country (Barrett, 2003). However, this industry has been occupied with chaos, conflict, violence and death. Allegations of corruption and collusions within government in connection with the taxi industry are also being made. Despite all the drama within the taxi industry it continues to grow and contributes much towards the country's economy, since it is a critical pillar of the country's public transport sector (Arrive Alive, 2016).

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