n Meetings - A sucker for innovation : regulars - sound bites

Volume 2016, Issue 66
  • ISSN : 1684-9264


How has the food and beverage industry changed over the past five years? There is a lot more focus on using the freshest possible ingredients and knowing where they originate - chefs have become far more aware of resource sustainability. Cooking methods have become more of a focus too - it's no good having the best ingredients at your disposal and ruining them by choosing an inappropriate cooking method. Chefs are getting a lot more exposure now and customers are better informed as a result of the proliferation of cooking shows. This has had a two-prong effect: it has improved F&B development, but has an adverse effect on the chef. There is absolutely no room for error and attention to detail is vital. Some chefs cannot handle the pressure these industry changes have resulted in and either change careers or become emotional wrecks, sadly.

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