n Meetings - Confessions of a former fatty : ed's letter

Volume 2016, Issue 66
  • ISSN : 1684-9264


I LOVE FOOD. So much so that, at one stage, my size 40 pants were bursting at the seams. Of course, I knew that this was a problem. But, when those plates of deep-fried prawns were put in front of me at the many cocktail parties I attended, that little voice in my head told me, "You can start your diet on Monday." And, of course, I believed it. I will not bore you with the full story on how I stopped listening to that voice and shed the kilos. The short version works just as well - landed in hospital with my appendix about to burst, had an Oprah "Aha!" moment, joined Weighless, started running, lost 26 kgs.

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