n Meetings - Event certification 101 : best practice

Volume 2016, Issue 67
  • ISSN : 1684-9264


It is always prudent to do the research behind accreditation before rushing off into the great unknown and committing to a foreign event management programme that may (or may not) provide initials behind an event practitioner's name. During 2004, great strides were made to investigate, via educational seminars at the first IMEX, which takes place annually in Frankfurt, as to what would work in a South African context. With the arrival of 2016 and a great deal more investigation, plus hard-earned information, the industry is far better informed to provide clear guidance. Although there are several event management certification programmes - the ones that have shown interest in progressing are CEM, CMM, CMP and CEMP. The MICE Academy takes a hard look at these four accreditations (see table) to provide indepth information and a clearer understanding before seasoned planners take the plunge.

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