n Inside Mining - A sparkling issue - hot topic knockout : editor's comment

Volume 6, Issue 5
  • ISSN : 1999-8872


I've been trying desperately to find the right words to portray my experiences in putting this issue together, and I'm coming up with too many to fit into a single page! So let me put it simply: it has been amazing, for a number of reasons, and I will tell you whyâ?¦Diamonds - need I say more? Any woman who says she doesn't like diamonds is lying. For me, writing about diamonds is only one facet to my love for the stone. Seeing them? Of course - they are truly one of the most beautiful things on earth. But my true appreciation for the diamond goes much deeper. Diamond formation is a truly spectacular thing - the right temperature (extreme heat), the right pressure (extreme pressure) and the right timing are all critical factors that need to be perfectly aligned in order to create a diamond. I only learnt in the past month that if a diamond, once formed, does not reach a 'mineable' level in time, it will likely resorb back into the earth. Fascinating! How many great diamonds have been missed as a result?

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