n Inside Mining - Drilling under the influence : SHEQ

Volume 9, Issue 5
  • ISSN : 1999-8872


South Africa produces 10% of the world's gold, and has 40% of the world's known gold resources. It is estimated that 36000 tonnes of undeveloped resources - about one third of the world's unmined gold - still remains. These ores are increasingly difficult to exploit due to the great depths at which they are situated and their fairly low-grade quality. In the high-risk mining environment, a sober mind is essential for safety and productivity. And, similar to any working environment, alcohol or substance dependence has a significant effect on an employee's ability to contribute to the company's success. "Generally, in mining, drugs and alcohol have always been problems. Employees come from remote areas, and find themselves far from their families, in somewhat informal settlements dominated by male workers," Evans explains.

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