n Inside Mining - Deformation in underground mines : underground development

Volume 9, Issue 8
  • ISSN : 1999-8872


In the synopsis of the technical paper, authors E Karampinos,J Hadjigeorgiou, P Turcotte and F Mercier-Langevin state that squeezing compressive ground conditions are influenced by the presence of rock foliation and high stress. "In these cases, the orientation of the foliation with respect to the drift direction has a considerable impact on the magnitude of the resulting deformation. Irrespective of the reinforcement and support strategy, keeping drives developed sub-parallel to the rock foliation operational is difficult, and often requires excessive rehabilitation during the lifetime of the excavation," write the authors. They also write that squeezing ground conditions in mines are associated with considerable failure of ground support and require significant rehabilitation work: "This may cause a slowdown in development and can have severe economic repercussions."

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