n Water&Sanitation Africa - Closing the supply gap : industrial water

Volume 11 Number 2
  • ISSN : 1990-8857


The National Development Plan has identified universal access to safe, running water as a main objective by 2030, and outlines several key projects to achieve this," says Strini Perumal, wastewater industry specialist, Festo Southern Africa. He goes on to point out that there are, fortunately, many initiatives - both current and planned - in place aimed at addressing water scarcity. "Government has been proactive here, putting in place frameworks such as resource-directed measures (RDM) aimed at developing and implementing policies to improve overall water quality," adds Perumal.The RDM's purpose is to realise the National Water Act's (No. 36 of 1998) promise to ensure access to and use of the limited resource, water, on an equitable basis in an integrated, managed and sustainable manner, giving priority to basic human needs and needs to sustain the aquatic environment. It also provides essential legal decision-making tools for achieving a balance between protecting and using water resources, according to a Water Research Commission (WRC) report.

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