n Journal of Emerging Trends in Engineering and Applied Sciences - The effect of weight loss on high strength concrete at different temperature and time

Volume 2, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 2141-7016
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Concrete's properties are more complex than those of most materials because not only is concrete a composite material whose constituents have different properties, but its properties depend upon moisture and porosity. The study of the behavior of concrete mixes when subjected to different temperatures is necessary because of huge differences in climatic conditions in summer and winter seasons. In European countries the temperature may fall down to negative temperatures, where as in Asian countries the temperatures are so high. Exposure of concrete to elevated temperature affects its mechanical and physical properties. Elements could distort and displace and under certain conditions, the concrete surfaces could spall due to the buildup of steam pressure. As the properties of concrete change with respect to time and the environment to which it is exposed, an assessment of the effects of concrete aging is also important in performing safety evaluations. Tests were performed on concretes, prepared with M40 and M50 grade of ordinary concrete. Exposure variables included maximum temperature, time of exposure and the cooling rate. The percentage weight loss of ordinary concrete mixes after exposing the specimens from 200, 400 and 600 °C of exposure time of 4, 8 and 12 hrs duration are observed. The percentage weight loss of ordinary concrete mixes after exposure of the specimens to 600 °C for 12 hrs duration are observed to be varied from 4.7 to 4.8.

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