n Journal of Emerging Trends in Engineering and Applied Sciences - Hydrogeologic and geoelectric determination of water table at Aule Area, Akure, in the Hard Rock Terrain of Southwestern Nigeria

Volume 3, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 2141-7016
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Aule area is a fast growing residential area, near Akure, Nigeria. Although the eastern half of the study area is usually flooded in the raining season as result of 'Ala' stream that flows through the area, yet some parts of the study area have low groundwater potential. Static water level and total depth measurements of 55 wells and 21 electrical resistivity soundings was carried out in the area to estimate the depth to water table in order to evaluate the water column thickness across the area. The results of the static water level measurements and the geoelectric soundings were presented as maps, chart and geoelectric sections. The static water level varies from 1.08 to 8.46m, while the aquifer depth varies from 0.5 to 5.5m respectively across the study area. The maps of static water table and aquifer depth shows that groundwater occurs at shallow depth at the northern and eastern part of the study area and occurs at greater depth at the western part and ground water flow direction is from west to east. The water column thickness map shows that water column is thicker at the northeastern and eastern parts of the study area and this correlates well with the static water level and aquifer depth maps. The geoelectric sounding results, reveal that resistivity values vary significantly across the study area, from 21 to 372 ohm-m in the top soil, 4 to 1137 ohm-m in the weathered layer and 99 to 6522 ohm-m in the weathered/fractured/fresh bedrock. This study shows that there is a good correlation between hydrogeologic measurements and geoelectric sounding results across the study area.

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