n Journal of Emerging Trends in Engineering and Applied Sciences - Treatment strategies for the effluents of recycled waste paper mills of Punjab

Volume 4, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 2141-7016
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Recycled paper industry is a globally growing industry that consumes a significant amount of resources, raw materials and energy. Due to this fact, minimizing the environmental impact of this sector is important. The characteristics of the waste waters generated from various processes of the recycled pulp and paper industry depend upon the types of processes and raw materials, process technology applied, management practices,internal recirculation of the effluent for recovery and the amount of water being used in a particular process. One of the main causes of surface water and ground water contamination is industrial discharge from various industries viz. pulp and paper, textile, pharmaceutical and other chemical industries. These compounds are quite toxic and degrade slowly in the environment. Therefore it becomes imperative to completely degrade these organic compounds. The incapability of conventional waste water treatment methods to effectively remove many bio-recalcitrant pollutants leads to explore the new efficient and cost effective treatment systems for the complete degradation of these pollutants. One relevant method is oxidation, and especially the so-called advanced oxidation process (AOP) which consists of the strong action of oxidizing agents, resulting in the generation of very highly reactive hydroxyl radicals. The present study has undertaken to status of the environment pollutants of the effluents of recycled paper and pulp mills and the strategies to remove the organic load. The goal of the study is to evaluate the best effective treatment which can effectively degrade the pollutants present in waste streams. The results show that the best results are obtained using a combined FeSO.7HO and CaCO processes, with more than 27% degradation of effluents and 55% removal of COD.

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