n Journal of Emerging Trends in Engineering and Applied Sciences - Nodal analysis approach in minimizing pressure losses to improve well productivity

Volume 6, Issue 5
  • ISSN : 2141-7016
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When oil is produced through the tubing, it experiences pressure drop. This pressure loss increases as the oil and gas moves higher in the tubing, this reduction in flowing pressure will cause more dissolved gas to come out of solution. Consequently, the flow stream, especially free gas, expands in volume per unit flow rate. The loss in pressure between the reservoir and the surface facilities leads to the reduction in the volume of oil that can be produced from the initial oil in place. Pressure loss in the production system has been a huge challenge in the transportation of reservoir fluids to the surface. This has attracted different investigative approach to study how to reduce pressure loss in the production system, which is vital to the volume of reservoir fluids produced at the surface. Previous research has shown that increasing the tubing internal diameter (ID) size gradually as we move from bottom to top gives allowance for expansion and ultimately improves performance of the tubing system. This increased performance is due to a lower amount of pressure losses on the walls of the larger ID tubing placed above. PIPESIM was applied to study how a well productivity can be improved by using tapered internal diameter completion, how duplex tubing can influence well production, i.e. a combination of only two strings. Nodal analysis was performed on a case study well to ascertain this fact, and sensitivity analysis on increasing gas oil ratio (GOR) and water cut was also carried out. This research study also focused on the estimation of the optimum length of a duplex string (i.e. two tubing strings with the larger internal diameter (ID) placed above).The results of this research reveal that higher flow rates are possible using an optimal length combination of aduplex string, which are better than the flow rates from the conventional single tubing and the pressure loss experienced is relatively lower when compared with single tubing strings.

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