n Journal of Emerging Trends in Economics and Management Sciences - A study on the impact of China's investments in Africa : the case of Kenya

Volume 3, Issue 5
  • ISSN : 2141-7024
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The increase in China's economic and political involvement in Africa is arguably the most momentous development on the continent today. One of the contentious issues surrounding Sino-African relations involves investments. Although Africa and China have been trading with each other for centuries, the level and intensity of their trade relationship have increased dramatically since 2000. The trends and patterns of trade between China and Africa suggest many possible impacts in Africa. This paper examined the impact of the China's Investments, economic and developmental activities in Africa with focus to Kenya having already benefitted from the development of hydro-power plants and a loan of US$ 16 million for roads, plus recent news that Chinese firms will construct a multi-billion dollar port near Lamu (on the East coast a second port (Lamu Port) and the Southern Sudan-Ethiopia Transport Corridor (LAPSSET) project). Data and information was gathered from the existing literature, books, journals, newspapers and internet search. It appeared that there is scarcity of the up to date data and information about China-Kenya and much of the information available captured a number of the past years and since this was the information the author could access, it was the same information used to examine the research paper study issue. The paper will be of great importance to the government in making its foreign policies and investment and the void by analyzing the link between foreign investment inflows on the diffusion of good governance. For the researchers it will assist them in their research and a basis for research and further conclusions.

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