n Journal of Emerging Trends in Economics and Management Sciences - Assessment of the effectiveness of road safety programmes in Namibia : learners' perspective

Volume 5, Issue 6
  • ISSN : 2141-7024
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Road traffic injuries have become a global health and development problem. Global research indicates that road travel puts people at the greatest risk of injury. Road crash rates remain high in developing countries, and Namibia is no exception, as road crashes continue to cause untold suffering to families and rob the country of productive citizens. This paper presents the findings of investigative research on road safety, with specific focus on the effectiveness of road safety programmes. The study was commissioned by the National Road Safety Council of Namibia (NRSC) in March 2011 to the University Central Consultancy Bureau (UCCB) of the University of Namibia (UNAM). The authors of this paper were the main consultants of the project study. The findings from this study show a high percentage of self-reported awareness of road safety among road users. However, there is a low percentage in awareness of specific campaigns and programmes, which is a cause for great concern. The study further found that there are many different road safety awareness campaigns and a number of road safety measures being implemented by different stakeholders. However, there is need for appropriate guidance in the implementation of these awareness campaigns. This paper presents only the perspectives of learners, as stakeholders, towards the effectiveness of road safety programmes in Namibia. Given the above purpose, the study, therefore, trusts that the results, conclusions and recommendations will inform road safety campaign designers on how to effectively and efficiently craft road safety campaigns and programmes aimed at road user behaviour change to improve road safety. Equally, the findings should influence other designers of behavior change road safety messages in the area of mass communication in general.

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