n Journal of Emerging Trends in Economics and Management Sciences - Analyzing of economic factors on improvement of entrepreneurship management of firms quick impact at agriculture department for poverty alleviation in Alborz County

Volume 6, Issue 7
  • ISSN : 2141-7024
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This paper purpose is to investigate on of factors on improvement of entrepreneurship management of firm's quick impact at agriculture department in Alborz County - Iran. This study was an applied on and ISO consign relationship type research tools was an anther made questionnaire. Which we have used of supervisors, advisor and experts in agriculture development & education and also Alborz county credit funds authorities. Statistical society included all members of economical quick impact enterprises in Alborz county being 1200 persons (N= 1200). We have distributed 30 questionnaire before test and dependent variable (standard variance) meaning entrepreneurships management was calculated -0.37 (S= 0.37). Approved error equals 0.5 (d= 0.5) and sample volume was 179 whom were selected using class sampling by proportional assignment. Krunbach χ coefficient was totally 0.87 percent which shows that question air has validity. To analyze investigation dates, we used of regression analysis. Using results achieves from viewpoints of firms quick impact members of agriculture department we step by step inserted economic respectively at first we inserted Microcredit system to provide facilities to the entrepreneurs, such as the establishment of rural banks variable to regression equation ant could to explained %18 of variance variation of dependent variable. In second steps Provide banking facilities to entrepreneurs variable along with last variable explained % 32.3 of variations in 3rd steps Financial resources needed by entrepreneurs, investors, banks and variable along with other variable factor predicted % 44.8 of dependent variable variations. In 4th step, Lending and banking facilities for small producers' variable along with structural, economic and environmental on predicted % 54.7 of dependent variable variations. In 5th step, Forming groups to meet the needs of the financial savings Authority variable along with others predicted % 58.9 of dependent variable variations, totally with insertion of this variables, we have achieved modified determination factors equal to 0.78.1 (R2= 0.589).This coefficient shows that % 58.9 of entrepreneurship management variance variations relate to this 5 variable and remaining (% 41.1) relate to other factors. Regression significance was determined by Calculated which is significance in % 99 level (sig=0.000).

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