n Journal of Emerging Trends in Economics and Management Sciences - The shifting ideas of interest in sustainable disaster mitigation in the climate change era

Volume 7 Number 4
  • ISSN : 2141-7024
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Sustainable disaster management must take climate change into account. Ever since the Earth Summit in 1992, climate change has become an increasingly popular topic. New ideas in this young profession are changing constantly. It is because of its interdisciplinary nature that makes it so capable of drawing attention to itself. The evolution of new ideas affects future disaster management. While sustainable mitigation of disasters relies heavily upon the planning of land use and resource management, this study discusses the trends of land/resource management that was influenced by climate change in the past 15 years. This study intends to answer questions such as, is there any idea that was deemed important before but is absent now-a-days, or which ideas are gaining popularity? This study examines all literatures in the defined field in a holistic way. The Web of Science (WOS) reference database is used as the total population. All social science literatures dated between 2000 and 2014 that use "climate change" as a keyword are taken as target population. The literature search selected 10,328 journal articles from the WOS database. This study logged all the keywords from these articles. These keywords were grouped and sorted for further examination. Five general fields in urban planning that could mitigate long-term disaster losses were examined. They are "", "", "", "", and "". This study reveals that social scientists are more fond of the idea of adapting to climate change. "Adaptation" is the most popular keyword in social science regarding climate change issues. The keywords associated to "adaptation" include "vulnerability", "sustainability", and "resilience". As to "vulnerability" and "resilience", "vulnerability" is used more often than "resilience". In some fields, such as environment and resources management, the occurrences of "resilience" have exceeded "vulnerability". The keyword "mitigation" is not used extensively. The administrative aspects of mitigation, like policy and governance, have received more attention than mitigation itself. In the land planning and management profession, little efforts were made before 2008. However, it's rising in two planning-related fields, regional planning and ecological planning.

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