n Journal of Emerging Trends in Educational Research and Policy Studies - Emerging trends in teachers' education in the 21st century

Volume 5, Issue 7
  • ISSN : 2141-6990
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Teachers' education is in the transition phase because of the rapid change in technology and students' changing values. Teachers' education courses must therefore incorporate the learning and teaching psychology of students and teachers respectively. However, teachers' education system is facing problem of inaptness and irrelevance. There is a visible gap between how students live and how they learn. Hence, the concept of technological interface is missing in teachers' education in most part of the world. The drive to bring synergy between technology and teachers' education and enhance human capacity building is the main motive for this paper. It therefore made a rigorous review of the various trends in teachers' education in order to ensure that all prospective pre-service teachers have equal access to this new technology regardless of their economic background. This is tailored towards bridging the gap between modern teaching methodologies and existing traditional teaching methodology. The traditions of American teacher education reforms were reviewed and a new model of teachers' education programme known as 'A proactive teacher's training framework was adopted and critiqued. It was concluded that a proper model needs to be sought out and conceptualized. It must have the right amalgamation of technology and tradition based on regional requirements. This is because most part of the developing country is not uniformly developed in terms of educational infrastructure and modern teaching aids. So adopting a complete developed country teacher's education model in developing countries may not be successful. It is recommended that developing countries should embrace the new technological model in order to meetup with the global standards.

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