n Journal of Emerging Trends in Educational Research and Policy Studies - KPS method : a sustainable, development and human capacity building tool in teaching, learning and evaluation in the third world nations

Volume 5, Issue 7
  • ISSN : 2141-6990
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This paper presents a 5-step problem-solving method tagged Kolawole's Problem-Solving (KPS) Method and investigated into the usefulness of KPS the method as a sustainable, development and human capacity building tool in teaching, learning, evaluation and problem-solving in the third-world nations. Steps in KPS include: (1) Identification of Keywords, Terms and Terminologies (KTT) (2) Mathematical-Concept (3) Mathematical-Language (4) Mathematical-Computation and Manipulation (5) Mathematical-Appraisal. The behavioural objectives to elicit each of these steps are coined with distinct passwords. These passwords include 'KTT' to elicit identification of the 'Keywords, term and terminologies; 'DIRECT' to elicit Mathematical concept; 'DEVECQUIT' to elicit Mathematical Language; 'SC3RIPT' to elicit Mathematical Computation & Manipulation and 'APPRAISE' to elicit Mathematical APPRAISAL'. KPS method is based on the following assumptions: 1) effective teaching would necessitate good knowledge of the subject matter, mastery of appropriate teaching method and evaluating skills. 2) effective teaching would necessitate the identification of relevant Keywords, Terms and Terminologies (KTT) to the topic given consideration to students' educational level. 3) most Mathematics teachers usually start their lessons with examples and calculations without explaining the meaning of relevant KTT 4) most Mathematics teachers often ignore the translation and interpretation of relevant terminologies before carrying out relevant calculations. 5) application of the topics taught by most Mathematics teachers to everyday life is often totally ignored by these teachers. 6) simultaneously combining teaching, learning and evaluation in teaching - learning process is often difficult for most Mathematics teachers. KPS is an effective and motivational tool for application in teaching learning and evaluation (as empirically proven by the outcome of extensive researches on the comparability of KPS method with other existing problem-Solving Methods). It is also applicable for solving practical life's problems, items- writings, book-writings and Test-construction etc. KPS method was experimentally found to be valid, reliable, not gender-biased and not location-biased. The method is consequently recommended for usage in the third world nations.

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