n Journal of Emerging Trends in Educational Research and Policy Studies - Indo- Sri Lanka relations after the LTTE: problems & prospects

Volume 6, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 2141-6990
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India-Sri Lanka relations are recorded more than 2,500 years of history and both sides have built upon a legacy of intellectual, cultural, religious and linguistic intercourse. However, these links have been deeply affected and held hostage by the question of the legitimate rights and welfare of the Tamil minority and fishing dispute, on the other hand the growing presence of China in Sri Lanka. India cannot be isolated itself from the developments of Sri Lankan polity, when India-Sri Lanka relations are under stress and its disturbing strategic connotations for national security have also been another challenging factor in India-Sri Lanka relations. On this backdrop, this study focuses on the current crisis of Indo- Sri Lanka relation after end of internal war in Sri Lanka in 2009. In this paper I highlight some of the important problems and prospects which have a bearing on India and Sri Lanka relations. The fundamental questions of this research are the following: what are the factors affecting the relation between India and Sri Lanka? What role by extra-regional power causes smooth relation of these countries? Are there any stemming-blocks in the relations of India with Sri Lanka? This study is based on an interpretive approach. The data were collected from both primary and secondary sources. The study discuss the issues in the period between 2009-2014. The various problems plaguing indo-Sri Lanka relations, ethnic conflict and reconciliation process, fishing problem, China involvement, among others, indicate a common theme underlying bilateral relation: mutual mistrust and suspicion. India's approach to Sri Lanka has so far failed to achieve its stated aims, in the ultimate analysis; India's soft diplomacy succeeded neither in bringing about a political settlement of the Sinhalese-Tamil conflict, nor in bringing down the ethnic tensions.

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