n Slavic Almanac : The South African Journal for Slavic, Central and Eastern European Studies - The representation of Charites / Graces in the poetic system of Viacheslav Ivanov

Volume 15, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1025-3386


In the poetic system of Viacheslav Ivanov, Charites / Graces are imbued with a variety of meanings, depending on a variation or context. In Ivanov's interpretation of them one notes an intrinsic relationship between an archaic and a more recent Greek tradition, as well as a degree of culturological tendency. All possible means of including Charites / Graces in the poetic universe take place on many different levels : It may be on the level of genre, subject and plot, association or reminiscences, or on the figurative level. Primarily, Charites / Graces enter the semantic potential of the poetic texts, the artistic and figurative systems of which may be orientated at the structure of myth as a certain model, a canvas. They may also be orientated at antiquity, its versification (distich), genre, topography, toponymy and imagery. In the 'non-antique' texts, Charites / Graces (as semantic names, images and concepts) play a role in exemplification, assuming special symbolic significance and featuring as metaphors.

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