n Slavic Almanac : The South African Journal for Slavic, Central and Eastern European Studies - From the editors

Volume 16, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1025-3386


The current issue of is devoted to the oeuvre of Petr Potemkin (1886-1926), a Russian writer who, during his life - which coincided with what in Russian literature is known as the Silver Age - distinguished himself as a master of satiric poems and parody. Subsequently, he became a chief contributor to the legendary journal , and was known also as the author of the original collections of poetry and . However, as the authors of the articles in this issue demonstrate, Potemkin's legacy is not merely limited to satire and parody, but extends to theatrical miniatures and stage sketches as well. His legacy includes his work as theatre and ballet critic, translator, and writer of fairy tales as well as verses for children. In addition, Potemkin is the author of a series of essays known as 'The notes of a flâneur', in which he creates something of a 'physiology' of urban life.

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