n The Social Work Practitioner-Researcher - A support group programme with informal caregivers to prevent elder abuse

Volume 27, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1011-2324


The article aims to describe an evaluation on the effectiveness of a support group with informal caregivers of older people in an urban and rural community setting in Namibia. The support group programme equipped informal caregivers with knowledge on aging and care giving. In addition, coping skills and support were offered to the informal caregivers. Standardised measuring instruments that assessed the outcome of the group at pre-test, post-test and postponed post-test were the Zarit Burden Interview (ZBI) and the Potentially Harmful Behaviour (PHB) scale. The Group Engagement Measure (GEM) assessed the group processes at the fourth, sixth and eighth group sessions. Results indicated that rural caregivers experienced more burden than urban caregivers. Generally, potential harmful behaviour has decreased significantly. Caregivers from the urban group were more engaged in the group process than the rural group. Support group interventions indeed contributed positively towards community care of older people. Implications for social work practice are discussed.

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