n The Social Work Practitioner-Researcher - Biographical factors and motivation to change as predictors of the treatment outcomes for alcohol use disorder

Volume 27, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 1011-2324


The aim of this study was (i) to explore the biographical (age, race, level of education and marital status) predictors of treatment outcomes for alcohol use disorder and (ii) to investigate the role of motivation to change as a predictor of treatment outcomes for this disorder. The participants consisted of 100 males (50 from each race group - black and white). A biographical questionnaire and the Self-Regulation Questionnaire (SRQ) were employed as measuring instruments. This study demonstrates that a significant relationship exists between age, motivational aspects (introjection and amotivation) and treatment outcomes. These findings should have profound implications for the development of treatment plans and intervention strategies for alcohol use disorder, leading to an improved quality of life in South African communities.

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