n The Social Work Practitioner-Researcher - Abortion and contraceptives : an exploratory study

Volume 28, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1011-2324


The article presents the factors that lead to the increasing abortion rates amongst young women in South Africa, where contraceptives are said to be readily available at all state health facilities. The study employed a qualitative approach in order to gain an understanding of the beliefs and meanings attributed to abortion and contraceptives. The research strategy used in the study was phenomenology. Non-probability sampling, particularly purposive sampling was utilised to select research participants from whom data were collected by means of semi-structured interviews. The findings of the study, amongst others, have indicated that despite the considerable expansion of contraceptive services in South Africa, the use and accessibility to these services remains a challenge. The study also conclusively indicated that there is a need to improve service delivery at state health institutions with regard to abortion and to stimulate utilisation of contraceptive services.

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