n The Social Work Practitioner-Researcher - Nurse leaders' emotional response and coping mechanisms while caring for youth victims of violence at a community health centre

Volume 28, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 1011-2324


Violence continues to take its toll on post-apartheid South Africa and the youth remain the most affected group of many communities. Youth, more and more, visit community health centres to seek health care with a subsequent increase in workload for nurse leaders at these facilities. It was unclear how nurse leaders experience caring for youth victims of violence at a community health centre. A qualitative, descriptive and contextual design was used. A purposive and snowball sampling led to nine nurse leaders, working at a community health centre, being interviewed. Teschs' descriptive method of open coding was used for data analysis. The findings revealed challenges faced by the youths, however, also rewarding experiences. Nurses revealed some emotive responses and different coping mechanisms to deal with these emotions. Understanding these emotive responses and coping mechanisms used will help develop guidelines to support nurse leaders in community settings.

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