n New Voices in Psychology - The Wisdom of Psychopaths - What Saints, Spies, and Serial Killers can teach us about Success, Kevin Dutton : book review

Volume 10, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1812-6731



An absolute gem of a book came to me by way of a suggestion made by my neurosurgeon one morning very early before I went into theatre for a back procedure. If you think that a book about the brilliance of psychopathy being suggested to you by a suave and highly intelligent medical specialist shortly before that same specialist and his team 'put you under' and take complete control of your mortality would cause you just a tad bit of discomfort, you would be thinking correctly! Never before was I so happy to see an anaesthesiologist stick a needle in me as the ample amounts of anaesthetics pumping through my veins would certainly subdue any unease I felt at the time. Following the procedure I was surprised that I could recall the name of the book and the author despite the Deprivan. On the other hand, as a clinician who specialises in neuro- and forensic psychology, I should have known that my recall abilities would be intact, especially as an area of special interest to me was triggered, or rather tickled so to say, by the conversation with the brilliant surgeon in question. Following my recovery I duly ordered the book online and when I received it I started reading the book in earnest.

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