n New Voices in Psychology - Bad science, Ben Goldacre (Ed.) : book review

Volume 11, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1812-6731



Rarely does one come across a book as scathing and steeped in acerbic wit as Ben Goldacre's "Bad Science". The book has at its core one central and very important objective, namely, to weed out and expose the band of charlatans and quacks within our midst masquerading under the banner of science. Once identified, the author systematically subjects the claims and promises of these pseudo-scientists to austere methodological rigour, borne out of his own experience as a physician and epidemiologist. Initially, his espousal of the scientific method appears tinged in a self-protective narcissism as he appears to exude a disdain for any practice outside of the realm of mainstream western medicine he was trained in. However, as the text expands its scope of critique, we discover that Goldacre is by no means ignorant of the inherent flaws within mainstream medicine and cites research from within its esteemed quarters as the very nadir of bad science.

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