n New Voices in Psychology - Investigating the relationship between adult attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (AADHD) and personality correlates related to sensation seeking

Volume 11, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1812-6731



The scientific literature is proliferated with discussions regarding childhood ADHD and there is great awareness for it in the population. In the last 20 years, however, increasing evidence has emerged to suggest the rising and unremitting persistence of ADHD well into adulthood. Due to its chronic nature, researchers are interested in the possible personality correlates that may underlie the way in which the disorder manifests. The current research examined whether the personality trait of Sensation Seeking, and its accompanying sub-dimensions of: (i) Boredom Susceptibility; (ii) Disinhibition; (iii) Experience Seeking; (iv) Thrill and Adventure Seeking; (v) Novelty; and (vi) Intensity of stimuli can explain a statistically significant amount of adult ADHD variance. In addition to the Sensation Seeking Scale form V (SSS-V), participants were also required to complete the adult ADHD Self-Report Scale (ASRS). Significant positive correlations with adult ADHD were found for the Sensation Seeking sub-dimensions of Disinhibition and Experience Seeking. Thrill and Adventure Seeking on the other hand was found to be unrelated to ADHD in adults. Furthermore, a multiple regression analysis revealed that sensation seeking dimensions can explain a small, yet statistically significant amount of adult ADHD variance. Despite these findings,additional research is necessary to identify other possible factors that could explain adult ADHD variance. The empirical evidence regarding the role of it is scarce and inconsistent. These gaps in our understanding of the relationship between adult ADHD and personality may benefit from the identification of a moderator variable on which these relationships are contingent and that help to predict and understand when these relationships are positive and negative.

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