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Business studies teachers' perception of effective strategies for teaching business studies in promoting national sustainable development

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This study seeks to determine the strategies considered effective for teaching business studies by Enugu State Junior Secondary School business studies teachers in promoting national sustainable development. It adopts the descriptive survey design. Four research questions and two hypotheses tested at 0.05 level of significance were used. Population of the study consists of 68 business studies teachers, while sample consisted of 45 Business Studies Teachers selected from 10 public secondary schools. A validated questionnaire containing 28 items with reliability coefficient of 0.99 were used for data collection. Mean, standard deviation and t-test were used for analysis. Findings showed that the business teachers in Enugu state junior secondary schools considered experimental instructional strategies very effective for teaching business studies, while interactive instructional strategies were considered effective. However, an indirect instructional strategy was fairly effective and direct instructional strategy was considered ineffective for teaching business studies at junior secondary school level. Based on the findings, it was recommended that government should employ competent and qualified business studies teachers and should provide funds for the building of more classrooms and typing pools where students can practice typing and shorthand drills. Experimental instructional strategies which are adjudged to be very effective are hereby recommended for compulsory application in teaching skill subjects in business education in all the secondary schools in Enugu state of Nigeria. These will help the schools to produce competent and self-reliant students that will promote national sustainable development and disaster management.

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