Open Access Policy

Sabinet hosts open access journals. If you are the publisher of an open access journal and would like to host it on our platform please contact info@sabinet.co.za

Sabinet offers the following open access models:

Gold open access

Sabinet offers an immediate open access option which allows journals to make the final published version of their journal issue freely available online. For more information on how to add your journal to the Gold open access contact info@sabinet.co.za

Delayed open access (Green open access)

Sabinet also offers the option for publishers to embark on the route of delayed open access. This is when a publisher decides to charge a subscription fee for the latest issues that were published, the publishers usually decide on this embargo period. All issues older than the embargo period is made freely available.

Article level open access

Sabinet also offers the option for publishers to have article level open access. This means that certain articles in an issue are open access and the remaining articles are subscription.

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